Where You Get the Best Argumentative Essay Examples

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Can You Write My Argumentative Essay Examples for High School?

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An argumentative essay is one which poses a question and answers it using concrete evidence that leaves the reader compelled and convinced beyond any doubt to believe the author’s argument. The essay must win over the reader’s mind into recognizing and believing the author’s argument to be valid. The topic of this particular essay must have multiple sides giving room for relevant sources to explain, weigh and judge.

What Are the Steps for Writing Argumentative Essays?

  • After identifying the subject, you need to do a review of all reading materials that you found making sure you write notes as you highlight important ideas.
  • Divide the main ideas into two sides, those points that are for your issue and those that do not support your perspective.
  • You can then come up with a thesis statement that addresses the issue, make sure you clearly state your position.
  • Use a logical pattern of organization that will easily convince your readers to construct an outline. The outline should have primary main ideas that support your position and a few arguments that refute.
  • For each of the major points, you can then develop secondary supports using clear evidence and explanations with references.
  • Begin writing the body of the essay using your outline. The major supports should appear as topic sentences in your texts. Make sure to write your refuting arguments just briefly while clarifying your stand. Example; ‘Some people are of the view that it is always beneficial to kids living in insecure home situations for the government to intervene. However, there is substantial evidence that taking children away from their home environment when there are no signs that they are continuously abused or neglected has a damaging effect, the long-term damage caused when such children are taken to government foster homes is greater than if they were left in their home environment’
  • Use some background information to write an introduction. Give an essay map that outlines the main points of the thesis as you also state the opposing view. You can check our website for argumentative essay introduction examples at no cost.
  • In your conclusion, use some arguments to summarize the main points. You can also state how beneficial it will be for the community to follow your view. Your conclusion must leave your readers compelled enough, argumentative essay conclusion examples are there on our site which you can read to spur your creativity.