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Who Writes Personal Narrative Essay Examples for Me?

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  • A narrative essay entails telling of an interesting story regarding a personal experience and then making a point. The purpose of the story is for the author to show the readers the importance of the experience. The author therefore incorporates his or her personal experience within the larger theme of the story with the aim of revealing why the story has a meaning.

Step by Step Procedure of How to Write A Narrative Essay

  • Prewriting; you need to think about your past life experiences within the context of the theme of the assignment. It is important to note that, even a small incident in life can have can result to a great narrative essay if the incident has significance in your life. As an author, you need to have an emotional connection to your topic for the essay to be effective. You must spend time to sort through your memories and recalling details. Do not forget that it is small details that lead to big ideas. An example of narrative essay topic is; ‘someone that makes me proud.’
  • Write a draft of the narrative essay using the first person to express the immediacy of your story while engaging the reader. Give a detailed account of the story to avoid skewing your reader’s understanding. Vivid description and illustrative words play an important role in narrative essays. Bear in mind that you are not only informing the reader, but also involving him or her.
  • Another important step is revising the essay to make it the best it can be. You then need to reread the narrative essay to make sure the events unfold in an easy-to -understand progression and that the author’s message is conveyed across.
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